Prohibition Fridays presents Stace Cadet
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Attention all Clublings: For centuries humans have questioned whether or not we are alone. What’s out there, have they ever visited us, and do they listen to techno?
We say – stop asking so many goddamn questions and meet Stace Cadet.
The earth born Melbourne producer has launched, landed and stuck a bloody flag in it.

Houston, no problem here, just dance.


If you really want to know what it takes to make a record like ‘Molly Happy’ you may need to ask yourself if that’s information you can live with.
If you’re still keen then ask the man himself. In secret. After hours. From a payphone.

But for now here’s the basic recipe:
1 road trip around the U.S
An RV full of your closest
1 cup of Electric Forest Festival
1 Claude Von Stroke set
1 awkward conversation with Green Velvet
A private show from a high school marching band
A fire extinguisher
A shirtless Billionaire riding a Harley two hours inland for burgers (Both cold…)
And yes, that. A lot of that
“Molly Happy” with support from Kyle Watson, Aston Shuffle, Motez, LO’99 and Terrace. As well as Media entities Triple J, MTV Australia and Sweat It Out!, continuing to gain traction as a crowd favourite and dance-floor filler.